CPC Introduces E3

CPC Introduces E3 - a specialized program dedicated to the

EngagementEfficiency and Execution of your meetings.

Meetings come in many forms (personnel, project status, off-sites, training, one-one-ones, crucial conversations, etc.).  Wouldn't it be nice if you walked out of every meeting saying, "Wow, I have clear direction - what a great meeting!"? Often, the opposite is true.  As a business consultant, I mostly hear, "That's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back!"

Today's organizations are experiencing unprecedented challenges, specifically in increased costs, competition, expectations from their workforce, and constrained resources.  Often, these factors working together result in increased responsibilities from employees meaning increased tasks and less time to do them in.  As a result, many companies are simply responding to change rather than finding solutions that are both immediate and sustainable.

One of the best ways to navigate the transition from response to solution is to calibrate the engagement, efficiency, and execution of your meetings.  It sounds so simple, but results show that when meetings are well run using our proprietary E3 methodology, effectiveness propels toward solutions!

E3 Meetings* are founded in the following principles.

E1:  Engagement:  Each member in the room has a role and is a contributor. Using role management, E3 finds the best way to engage with each member based on his or her behavioral and communication styles.  Our strategists are skilled at ensuring everyone has a voice and is heard with respect. 

Solution:  Meetings are interesting with attendees actively participating.  Everyone's input is heard getting to buy-in!

Sample Tools: Role Assessment, Business rules, Pre-meeting Vision, Big Picture Orientation

E2:  Efficiency: Meetings must have purpose and an outcome.  Organizations cannot afford to use constrained resources to dialogue without conclusion or results.  In E3, participants come to meetings understanding the agenda, intent, and their role of contribution.  E3 facilitators utilize a cadre of tools to come to quick decisions while allowing focused time to analyze options.

Solution:  Understanding the purpose of the meeting and the value of 3rd party facilitation.  Outcomes based in analysis using the appropriate decision making tools and techniques.  Embracing virtual team members and use of media.

Sample Tools: Use of Virtual media, Meeting framework, Discovery, Graphic facilitation, Decision Making Matrix, Mind Maps, Process Maps

E3:  Execution: Individuals and participants need to leave meetings embracing decisions, with clear direction, tasks, and knowledge.  E3 methodology holds participants accountable for solutions with clear sustainable goals for execution and solutions.

Solution:  Sustainable results through action plans and RACI charts. Decision follow- through.

Sample Tools: Living Action Targets, Accountability Rubric, Product, Sustainable Tip Sheet

The result is simple - your organization operates better with CPC helping to propel your organization toward results!

Note the term "Meeting" has a broad meaning within E3. "Meetings" include personnel, project status, off-sites, training, one-one-ones, crucial conversations, etc.