5 Questions to Prepare your Organization for 2019

2019 is just weeks away.  Is your organization prepared?   

Check out 5 questions to focus on as you prepare for the new year!

CPC wishes you much success in 2019!

1.     Strategy. Where is the date in your calendar that is set aside to focus on planning?

a.    Reset your strategic plan.  To jumpstart, consider goals on the following topics:

                               i.     Financial and revenue streams (remember to give back to our community)

                              ii.     Customer service

                             iii.     Internal processes

                             iv.     Employee development

                 Hint:  Review your strategic plan monthly AND keep it simple.

2.    Customer Management. You know what you think about you; What are your customers saying?

a.    Take a pulse of your customer base through surveys, interviews, feedback, data driven analytics, etc.

b.    Ask what you can do to enhance their experience.  Customers remember their feelings, not the product.

3.    Professional Development. Who is your mentor? And who are you mentoring?

a.    Business leaders can’t be successful alone. Find someone who will provide honest feedback to your goals, dreams, and ideas. Then, share your expertise with someone.

4.    Managerial Courage. What is one problem you need to solve that is hindering your optimal performance?

a.    Often, it’s easy to play “kick the can” on big problems, difficult decisions, or crucial conversations that need to be had.  However, once they are addressed, often the results allow you to flourish!

5.    Renewal. How do you renew yourself?  “All work and no play makes us dull.”  Be good to yourself through intentional, daily renewals.  Have fun.  Live in the moment. Express outward gratitude.