We help leaders THRIVE!  We tailor our classes to the individual needs to enhance leadership skills.  Sample workshops focus on:

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Developing your Career; Steps to Success
  • Coaching and Mentoring your Team
  •  Strengthening Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence
  • Setting Realistic and Values Based Goals
  • Facilitation Excellence: Leading E3 Meetings
  • Redefining Difficult Conversations
  •  Win/Win: Creative Conflict Management
  •  Time Management Tools and Techniques
  • Time Flies: Time Management Tools and Techniques
  • Introduction to Leadership Development
  • The Effective Listener
  •  Leveraging your Power and Influence
  • Coaching and Mentoring for High Performance


As your mission evolves and as you develop new products and services, are your workforce's skills and capabilities keeping pace with current and anticipated changes? Understanding your workforce today empowers you to help it effectively meet the demands of tomorrow.

CParker Consulting, Inc., provides techniques and analysis to help you plan and prepare for the future through:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Career Path Development
  • Values Based Career Development
  • Individual and Team Assessments
  • Restructuring

Need some one-on-one? 

We have a robust, skills based executive and leadership coaching protocol.

Looking for something more? 

Talk to us about our 6 month customized leadership development training or 5-day leadership boot camp!